“Free Software Song” – Metal Style

By Gaius Baltar

Jono Bacon ha adaptado el ya clásico de Stallman a un estilo más guitarrero.

Por si no lo sabíais, este líder de la comunidad de Ubuntu tiene una banda de metal, Severed Fifth. La grabación de este tema la ha realizado el solito y, como sugiere, no es el Bohemian Rhapsody… pero bueno, no ha quedado mal.

For a while now I have wanted to record a new version of the song, so one night this week I knocked together a new version and arrangement. First, some caveats:

I only spent about 20 minutes writing this; this is no Bohemian Rhapsody.

I played all instruments and recorded all the vocals myself.

It was recorded in an evening. This was no huge production, no huge recording, and no week-long mix.

This is just a bit of fun to throw a new spin on the song.

Alright, enough excuses, download it below:

Ogg (4MB)

MP3 (3MB)

Flac (25.3MB)

Also, for the fun of it (and for you Kareoke and podcast YouTube video fans), here is the song without the vocals:

Ogg (3.9MB)

MP3 (3MB)

Flac (24.9MB)

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